Ayran benefits and Is Ayran a natural blood thinner

Ayran, doogh, dhallë, chalap, yoghurt milk, and tan. These are just some of the names of this popular drink. It was first made by Turkic tribes, but can also be found in much of Iran, Persia, Armenia and Albania. It is also interesting to know that ayran is the national drink of Turkey. There are many variations across the world which all share similarities.

What is ayran?

Ayran is a savoury yoghurt-based beverage served cold. It is also often served with grilled meat or rice, especially during the summer months. Although similar, the more common name for this beverage is actually doogh, derived from the Persian word for milking, dooshidan. According to a 1000 CE Turkic dictioniary, ayran is defined as a “drink made out of milk”.

How to make ayran

It is a quick and easy recipe, using only 3 base ingredients. All you need is 2 cups of yoghurt, 1 cup of water, and salt to taste. Then blend these ingredients until it reaches a smooth consistency. Make sure to use unsweetened yoghurt. Greek yoghurt will also work, but then you’ll probably need to add a bit more water since Greek yoghurt is quite thick. If you want the foam on top, then simply use sparkling water instead of non-carbonised water. As with any recipe, there are always variations. You can choose to mix in some black pepper, dried mint, or lime juice. You can add in diced cucumbers to give your ayran a crunch. But all of this is personal choice, so feel free to explore a little bit. Personally I like to add a sprinkling of cinnamon or nutmeg on top of my ayran.

Ayran benefits

Ayran is great to rehydrate you in the summer months due to the salt and protein in it. Besides that, you also reap the benefit of calcium and healthy gut flora, which helps with your digestive system. Due to the fact that it contains no sugar, it has also been claimed to be a great drink for weight loss. It also makes you feel full for longer, which is great if you are on a diet.

Is ayran a natural blood thinner?

According to studies done, ayran may have a very slight blood thinning quality. But these studies have not been published, so there is no concrete evidence of such. There are certain things you could add into your ayran to give it more of a blood thinning effect, but ayran on its own will not suffice on its own.

Hematic food channel conducted an independent test to find “is ayran a natural blood thinner?”. In the video below you are going to discover how ayran is going to affect a blood condition. The video below can be handy for diabetic or pre-diabetic person because it is not only answering a question is ayran a natural blood thinner but also showing if ayran can increase a sugar level.

Ayran vs Kefir

Where ayran has a more salty taste, kefir has a sour taste and is made with fermented milk instead of with yoghurt. It is prepared by inoculating milk with kefir grains. This is also the biggest difference, as kefir grains are used to make milk kefir, which is then fermented and used to make the kefir drink. At the end of the day Ayran vs Kefir can’t be compared because they used different technic.

Ayran nutritional facts

If you choose not to make your own ayran, you should be aware of what is in the store-bought drink. Remember that what you buy in the store is made on a large scale and needs to be preserved as well. This means there will be preservatives in it. If we take a look at the standard store-bought variety, then the nutritional facts will be as follow;

This data is on a serving size of 241g:

Calories – 126

Total fat – 15%

Saturated fat – 30%

Cholesterol – 12%

Sodium – 25%

Total carbohydrates – 1%

Vitamin A – 8%

Vitamin C – 1%

Calcium – 11%

If you break it down into a pie chart, you would look at the following data;

Protein – 18%

Carbohydrates – 12%

Fat – 70%

What does ayran taste like?

Have you ever eaten plain yoghurt? Now add a bit of salt into the mix, and then add water. Mix it up until it is smooth, and you have ayran. Each person will have a different experience when drinking ayran, but if you have never had it before, it will definitely be something intriguing to try.

Is ayran good for you?

Ayran is considered to be one of the healthiest drinks that you could have, besides water. Because it is full of electrolytes, it is useful against dehydration. Because dehydration can leave you with muscle cramps and feeling dizzy, you should always have something that you can drink to rehydrate you. Sometimes water alone is not enough, and you need to replenish the electrolytes that your body has lost. Ayran is a quick way to restore your body’s nutrients and minerals. Probiotics is also something that everyone needs, as it is the healthy gut bacteria that keeps everything working as it should. Since yoghurt is a wonderful source of probiotics, ayran is therefore very good for you since one of its main ingredients are yoghurt. With good gut bacteria comes a good immune system, which can fight off nasty ailments such as a stomach flu.

What is ayran good for?

According to a study done on 76 children with gastroenteritis involving treatment with ayran, and 80 children treated with a simple salt water mixture, it was found that the patients treated with ayran responded much better to treatment than those who were treated with a simple salt mixture. This was found to be due to the healthy gut bacteria that was introduced into the body through the yoghurt in the drink, as well as rehydration and replenishing of lost electrolytes. So the next time you come down with a nasty stomach bug, it might be a good idea to reach for a glass of ayran.

Ayran can be a good meal for diabetic or pre-diabetic person if it is mixed with flax seed meal or hemp seed meal or with other natural blood thinners

What is ayran made of?

Made from plain unflavoured yoghurt, water and salt, this Turkish drink is really an experience you should taste. There are many variations that you could try, such as adding mint or cucumber pieces into the drink. Some people do however opt to make the drink without the salt, and use flavoured yoghurt, but in essence this makes the drink something completely different. It also takes away from the pure goodness of the original drink.